The first photographer-first image library

The first photographer-first image library

An image library that truly gives back to its Photographers.

Exposure Images Ltd


May 2020


I recently founded new image library, Exposure. We've flipped the current financial model of a photo library on its head. Putting the photographer first means they get 70% of the fee.

There are lots of image collections out there, many with brilliant content by brilliant photographers. But we believe Exposure is different, and better. This is why:

— If you are an Exposure Contributor, you get the lion’s share of the fee from each image purchase. This means that when a customer buys an image from Exposure, they are directly supporting you.

— We've widened the net. We don’t limit our Contributors to professional photographers only. We’re open to all types of image makers, from all walks of life and welcome anyone who can create beautiful content.

— We believe Photographers should be paid for their work.

Our purpose is simple: we want to create a respectable selling community where the photographers feel like their work is genuinely being valued and a space which feels worthy for them to share their incredible work. We’re completely transparent and give each Contributor their own portfolio page so buyers can contact and commission them directly.

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Exposure offers a platform for some of her classic work and personal imagery to be used in an affordable commercial capacity which is a very exciting prospect.

Lee Funnell

Exposure gives me the opportunity for these pictures to be used and seen by a wide audience.

Tony Hay