Art and design florist

Art and design florist

Brand, creative and art direction and photography.

Boom Blooms Ltd


May 2020

Start-up florists, Boom Blooms required everything: naming, postioning, brand, language, art direction, styling, idea generation and curation.

I created a brand which positively reflects their modernity and ambition to do things differently. ‘Art and Design Florist’ is the perfect description for their working practice and ethic and perfectly sits them apart from other florists.

Bespoke font below.

As one half of the collective, my role as Bloomin' Creative Director is to work on commercial creative briefs.

Behind the Great Masters: 

Bringing iconic paintings to life.

Iconic wreaths:

2016 had been a right old year for Iconic Loss. With the harbinger of Bowie’s passing we should’ve sensed more was coming, but we didn’t. Then Alan Rickman happened. And Prince. And then Gene Wilder. Leonard Cohen was the last straw. We officially defriended 2016. Instead of our usual Christmas wreaths we wanted to honour, and celebrate, these passionate artists. They have touched so many lives and so, this year, we wanted to dedicate our wreaths in memory of them.

Mothers's day:

This Mother's day we celebrated by sending the mother of all mothers, Earth, some flowers... into space!


Marie Claire magazine shoot:

The vegan issue. We created the backdrop for a photoshoot for vegans. We replaced flowers with fruit and vegetables.