'Andaaze se' cookbook

'Andaaze se' cookbook

A love letter to our mother and a legacy of her recipes.

Mama Khan

Concept and styling, photography, design and artwork

May 2022

Mama Khan with her cookbooks

A cookbook of all of our mother's recipes, lovingly created by her four daughters.

What started as a small keepsake turned into a fully-fledged tome dedicated to our mother and family. A cloth bound, gold foiled, 300 page cookbook with over 75 recipes, layered with stories and memories and a legacy of delicous home cooked food. It doesn't get more authentic than this!

My sisters and I collated and wrote the recipes. I then created the concept for the cookbook: styling, photography, editing, design and layout and artwork.

Styling Indian food is notoriously difficult. But a true testament to how fresh and authentic Mama Khan's food is — is that everything we cooked hardly needed any styling at all! We wanted the photos of the food to feel like you were in our family home, as though you were right there eating with us. We used crockery we've had for more than 30 years. Tablecloths we sewed together as children. Pots and pans we use on a daily basis. Our mother's cooker. Work surfaces around our kitchen. Everything you see has been shot in our kitchen and in its natural light. There's no studio equipment and we didn't need to buy a single prop! We had everything we needed right there.

We wanted the book to capture more than just the recipes so we added our memories, stories and suggestions throughout — little snippets of our family life. Old photos, some our dad took on his Pentax camera and new photos of our mum cooking and sharing photos from the past. Ammi hand wrote some of her recipes in Urdu. We couldn't find a headline font we liked for the recipe titles, so we all hand wrote all of those. We've also used Urdu words throughout so the reader can learn a little about the language. All these layers have helped to create a unique book.

We put the project on Kickstarter to fund the print costs. They hand-picked our project as one of their 'Project We Love' and promoted it for us. (Only 10% of projects on there are chosen)

We exceeded our target and to date have sold over 200 copies world-wide from the UK to USA, Iceland to India, etc.


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very happy Mama!


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